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Swami Shri Prempuriji Ashram Trust

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   Comments by people who have visited this site.

Shripad Dhavle    29 May 2008 12:33 |
This site is first site on the internet where Pravachan is available on daily basis.
This is really unique facility for people interested in spiritual discourses.
Such discourses should also be available in Marathi and other languages.

e-books on the scriptural topics should be made available along with pravachan.

Hari Om, Jai Hind

   Comments by people who have visited this site.

Kamlesh Gupta    06 February 2008 17:29 | Utah, USA
Your daily online pravachan is unique concept. I like it very much.
But quality of pravachans need to be maintained at a high level. The pravachan on Isa Upanishad held in November was of very high quality. Ashram should strive to maintain that quality.

Only very senior Maha Mandleshwar speakers should be invited for Pravachan to maintain the high standard of the Ashram pravachan series.
Topics also should be carefully chosen so that speaker has expertise in the chosen topic.

I hope to listen to many more knowledgeable pravachankars in future.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

   Comments by people who have visited this site.

Dharen Ganga    07 December 2007 10:32 |
Extremely useful site. The resources are a must for all.

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