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Swami Shri Prempuriji Ashram Trust

Registered under Public Trust Act 1950 - No. A-2571 Bombay

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   Comments by people who have visited this site.

Dr. Narendra Tuli    28 March 2011 16:34 | Delhi
Heartfelt congratulations and thanks for the superb effort dedicated to Vedanta Philosophy.

   Comments by people who have visited this site.

Ramakant Gaur    26 January 2010 11:33 | New Delhi
The complex issues of Ved, Vedant and Upnishads are simplified by the great sages at this Ashram. The web library and podcast are the best feature of this site.
People sitting at the distant places too, are getting knowledge through this medium.
I express my gratitude to the people at the helm of affairs of Ashram, the web developers and especially to Acharya Swami Bhagwatanand Saraswaty ji for their contribution to the community. Om.

   Comments by people who have visited this site.

DR.PRASHANT TANNA    12 May 2009 11:15 | India
I'm very much impressed with the kind of multiactivity Ashram is under takeing. as a youth I prefer practical scientific spirituality with betterment of life.
may I reQuest to organize youth sanskar kendra with VEDIC MATHS Classes for better upliftment of young Brains along with Manangment classes with base of GITAji

   Comments by people who have visited this site.

Nitin Tripathi    09 January 2009 07:42 | Mumbai
This site is very well designed with very useful features & unique feature of daily pravachan discourse.
Compliments for a great site.

   Comments by people who have visited this site.

ghansyam goswami    04 June 2008 00:57 |
I am very thankful to frist time open this great site. This is most immportant in human life today. Thanks again. Jai Sri Krishna.

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