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Swami Shri Prempuriji Ashram Trust

Registered under Public Trust Act 1950 - No. A-2571 Bombay

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Pratah Pravachan (Early Morning Discourse)

The Pratah Pravachan is an enlightening early morning discourse on a scriptural topic delivered daily by a Swamiji who is the invitee resident of the Ashram at that time.

Hearing the words of wisdom of a sagacious Swami in the early morning is a philosophically elevating experience that charges the spirit of the receptive listerner and prepares him to calmly face  the challenges of life in the day that lies ahead.

Regular attendence at the Prempuri Pratah Pravachan programme gives a person firm grounding in Indian scriptural thought and tends to change his mindset eliminating negativity of mind and fostering a sense of equanimity and permanent psychological well-being.

The Pratah Pravachan is delivered in Hindi language daily from 7.30 to 8.30 am.
The typical duration of a Pravachan series is a week, a fortnight or one whole month.
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Dwidashakiya Sangrah

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