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Ongoing Pravachan Series


Here you can listen online briefly to the audio recordings of the daily Pravachan sessions.  Or you may download the complete recordings in MP3 file format for offline hearing at your convenience.

Topic :  


[ 01 To 20 February 2017]

Speaker :

PP.P. M.M.Swami Shri Mohananandgiriji Maharaj


About the Topic :

The Aparokshanubhuti is the term used by Shri Shankaracharya for the state of Self realization.
This is one of the most important works of Shankaracharya on Advaita philosophy
Aparoksha means not seeing through anybody elses eyes. Seeing with our own eyes. Anubhuti is the experience."Who am I? How is this (world) created? Who is its creator? Of what material is this (world) made? This is the way of that Vichara (inquiry)."We donot have first hand knowledge of our self at all. We know our self as personality. This personality is given by the society. This is a second hand knowledge.
Study of scriptures tells that we are the Self. Even this knowledge is second hand.
First hand knowledge is when we realize the truth ourselves. We have always the experience of self as I exist. We donot have any doubt about that. This is also not based on sensory inputs. A pure experience of "I" consciousness without all borrowed mental images is called Aparokshanubhuti.

|| Hari Om Tat Sat ||                                                            

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