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Topic :      

Shrimad Bhagvat Mahapuran - Eleventh Chapter
[10 to 31 January 2015]

Speaker :

P.P. Swami Shri Anantdeoji Maharaj


About the Topic :

This chapter contains the famed dialog between Shri Krishna and his devotee Uddhav. This dialog is famously known as the "Uddhav Gita". This chapter includes the story of Avadhoot (Lord's Dattatraya avatar), a discourse on the importance of Satsang (holy company) and the story of Hansa (swan) incarnation of Lord Vishnu in which he bestows spiritual knowledge to god Brahma, who is the creator of the world.
The Avadhoot story, is about king, Maharaj Yadu and how he receives enlightenment and spiritual bliss of jeevan-mukti (liberation while in the body) from Shri Dattatreya.
The Avadhoot narrates to Yadu how he himself acquired spiritual wisdom in its varied aspects from his twenty-four gurus. Amongst his 24 gurus, were the earth, air, space, water, fire, the moon, the sun, a piegeon, a python, a honeybee, an elephant, a deer, a fish, a concubine, a bird, a child, a snake a spider and a mud wasp.
Avadhoot Dattattreya used these creations of nature as his gurus (spiritual preceptors) from which he learned the fundamental precepts which lead to liberation. This story tells us how a discriminative person desiring liberation can use such very common things of the world in which he lives, as his teachers of wisdom.
The Uddhav Gita further teaches us that in the process of acquiring liberation, first comes disire-free, righteous action in the world which purifies the intellect, mind and heart. This is followed by sincere spiritual inquiry and then a stage comes when it is sufficient just to do service to a genuine spiritual preceptor who grants the liberation.
The Avadhoot says that bondage and liberation are both illusory, and are brought about by Maya. Ignorance of the Supreme Spirit brings about bondage and knowledge about it brings liberation.
The wise sage is one who lives with abandon, as generous as the sky, as luminating as the sun and as purifying as the fire. For him the dream of this world-existence is no more. He treats praise and calumny with an equal eye. He lives always engrossed in the bliss of his own true being.
Come, let us study this eleventh illuminating chapter of the Bhagwat Mahapuran which narrates all these principles with great simplicity.

|| Hari Om Tat Sat ||

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