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Swami Shri Prempuriji Ashram Trust

Registered under Public Trust Act 1950 - No. A-2571 Bombay

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Prempuri Web Store

Welcome to Swami Shri Prempuriji Ashram Trust's Web store !

Showcased here is a growing collection of MP3 CDROMs of audio recordings done over the years at the ashram.
The main category of Audio MP3 CDs is "Santwani" meaning "Voice of the Sages".
Santwani recordings are pure scriptural discourses delivered by some of the most erudite and revered Swamis and religious scholars of contemporary India who have been visiting and teaching at the Ashram on a regular basis for over three decades now.
These discourses cover a wide range of topics in Hindu scriptural literature with a special emphasis and focus on the philosophy of "Advait Vedanta" as expounded by Adi Sri Sankaracharya.
Recordings of Literary and Cultural programs conducted regularly at the ashram are also available under other categories.

You are invited to browse this collection, listen to the samples and order the full CDs online if you wish.

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Adwait Vedant -
Dwidashakiya Sangrah

Special Program - Shivanand Lahari